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Jan 21, 2013 3:35am EST
back here real soon. have a great day. diane: joel, that is an incredible workout. i sort of am somewhere in between the beginner and intermediate. is that ok? joel: well that's the great thing about it is when you're watching it you can go to the beginner and maybe you'll think you're a beginner, but then you look at the workout and you'll be like oh i can do the intermediate, and you can have immediate gratification, you can go back and forth. and sometimes you know you think you're a beginner, but you can really do the advanced because a lot of people have much more balance than they think they did and that's why it's great to throw the balance in there. because the older we get, the more likely we are to lose our balance. diane: that's true. i'm finding that more, and more joel that what i used to be able to do at 20 and 30 and 40, as i am into 60 plus it's a whole different story but i still want to keep at it, i don't want to quit. joel: exactly. diane: and you give me the impetus to do that. this dvd for a pledge at 60 dollars, friends is a fabulous way
FOX Business
Jan 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
passage. diane: rich, what happens with entitlement reform and tax reform? the city of the things we haven't discussed tonight that these are the other issues that continue to come up. not only do we deal with tax rates in this case but does the tax code in general needs to be completely overhauled. what happens with that? is that completely to the site now? rich: the first offer we got after the election was house speaker john boehner saying we should do tax reform and spending and entitlement reform and 2013 should be the year for that. the regional framework the president speaker were working out including a mechanism to raise revenue through tax reform and to cut spending and entitlements through spending and entitlement reform next year. that mechanism never happen. you can set targets and the law and state tax will achieve $1 trillion in savings over 10 years and entitlement reform will achieve the same. they never reach that so that is up in the air right now. you do have a willingness from the white house also did old -- to do corporate tax reform. they have a proposal that would l
FOX Business
Jan 1, 2013 10:00pm EST
. diane: hi, everyone. i'm diane macedo joins from fox business headquarters here in new york, and we have been keeping you updated all night as the way for the house of representative to out and vote on a fiscal have to tap the stock of steel. to set terms and conditions from the debate on the measure. the house began debating the bill which means we should see an upper down vote tonight. one of the big questions is how markets will react all of this. overseas we are seeing trading. australia and hong kong are open for business. the green arrows there at the moment at that trading incendy. japan is closed for the holidays, but we are watching oil. that is also up at the moment as well. u.s. futures will begin trading at 6:00 a.m. eastern. keep an eye out for those. they start, but in the meantime let's check in with k-9 live on capitol hill and has been keeping us updated on night here and all they for that matter what is the latest? rich: well, we should be starting to get some votes in the house of representatives for final passage of this proposal. it has been a very long road. th
Jan 20, 2013 5:00am PST
to specifically the initiative that diane runs. >> we'll take a quick break and come back in just a moment here on mosaic. please join us in just a moment. >>> good morning and welcome back to mosaic. we are talking about jewish live in the next century. i'm rabbi weiss. and we are talking about generally what the institute does and how it came to be before we took our break and una wondering if you it give us some specific examples of a question that the institute has looked into and done some research on. >> i brought up this book which deals the intolerance and anti- semitism on college campuss. many people may be aware of a kind of burning question in the jewish community is what is going on with anti-semitism on campuses and further what is going on with anti-semitism in the modern era and is it beginning to exhibit itself in forms that we might not have expected in the past. specific to san francisco, it is important because san francisco is known as a tolerant place but the synergy of political discourse is seeing whether we are seeing rising anti-semi
Jan 19, 2013 11:00pm EST
returns. all: wow! diane bliss: have you seen, oh that's great. renai ellison: i love those suits, the yellow suits. tj lubinsky: yea with that hat. diane bliss: that is hot, real hot. tj lubinsky: eugene record with the chi-lites for the first time in many years on television. diane bliss: it's still getting better and better though because in act 4 tj oh, we've got a little motown going, i'm from motown! tj lubinsky: oh, yea! renai ellison: she's from detroit! tj lubinsky: we've got diane from motown, renai and tj from jersey and can you believe the commodores are on the way. diane and renai: yes! tj lubinsky: i tell you what, you've got to stay with us, right now we need to talk to you about something called membership, which, which actually made this show happen. so move on up from becoming a viewer to a member of your public television station and helping us to keep the great sound of soul spinning for all to hear! [music playing] tj lubinsky: give to the station right now at $150 and we'll send you either the 6-cd set of original hits or a 3-dvds of all t
FOX Business
Jan 1, 2013 6:00pm EST
" is coming up next. thanks for watching. >> hi, everyone, happy new year. i'm diane macedo joining you live from fox business headquarters in new york. we're following the breaking news in washington. we're waiting for the house of representatives to vote on a fiscal cliff deal that the senate passed early this morning. they have been in a conference meeting a little less than an hour. speaker boehner, majority leader eric cantor walking into that meeting. still waiting to hear how it is going. even before the meeting was called, cantor and other top republicans were saying they won't support the bill. the fate here is really uncertain. rich edson is live on capitol hill keeping track of this for us. rich, is there any word what specifically they're discussing in this meeting and whether or not they're making any progress? >> well, diane, the point here is whether or not to amend this bill, to change this bill or bring this bill, the proposal that passed the senate last evening up to the house floor to a vote. this is a decision that house republicans will have to make fairly soon here. the
Jan 26, 2013 10:00pm EST
would you do? >> reporter: anderson cooper, cnn, new york. >> i want to introduce you now to diane o'meara. she's the woman, the real woman whose photos were used without her knowledge to portray the phony online identity of lennay kekua. she's going to join me live after the break to share her side of the story, and throughout the hour we're going to take beyond the manti te'o case to get a broader view of the pitfalls of our digital world. like mango jalapeÑo shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food differently. can you start the day the way you want? can orencia help? could your "i want" become "i can"? talk to your doctor. orencia reduces many ra symptoms like pain, morning stiffness and progression of joint damage. it's helped new ra patients and those not helped enough by other treatments. do not take orencia with another biologic medicine for ra due to an increased risk of serious infection. serious side effects can occur including fatal infections. cases of lymphoma and lung cancer have been reported. tell your doctor
FOX Business
Jan 1, 2013 8:00pm EST
frfr diane: happy new year, everyone i'm diane macedo joining you live from fox business headquarters in new york. we've been keeping up dated all night as we wait for the house of representatives to vote on a fiscal cliff deal that the senate passed earlier this morning the house went into recess last hour. sources say the rules committee is expected to meet anytime now on this. we've been told unlikely house republicans will have enough support to amend the bill to send it back to the senate. we still could get a up-or-down vote on this before markets opened. rich edson has been on capitol hill all day keeping track of this for us. rich for those tuning in a little foggy from celebrating last night. start things off with kind after recap. what is in the senate bill? what options are on the table for the house and what kind of progress have you seen so far, maybe lack thereof? >> die can, in about the last hour or two there has been real momentum shift to actually getting this thing done, perhaps having a vote on the senate bill. as you mentioned the rules committee meet
FOX News
Jan 30, 2013 3:00am EST
are called hot diane macedos. she can wave. weekdays on fox business network. and he is so funny he burps balloon animals. it is joe devito. and in norway he is considered clean next. kleenex. and if thoughtful commentary was by yule gee home -- by yule gee homework i would do him with a partner. he is the host of the john gibson show. weekdays at noon eastern. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. should they repent over an accent? well, the super bowl is almost here. it is a large bowl i order from the pottery barn. but also companies are starting to post their commercials on-line somewhere and the volkswagen again spot is being called racist by me. i have a feeling. let's watch this together. >> i hate mondays. >> those are the worst. >> no worries, man. everything will be all right. >> ya, man. >> don't fret me, brother. the sticky bun comes soon. >> ya. >> wicked coffee mr. gin. >> julia, turn the frown the other way around. >> dave, you are from minnesota, right? >> yes, aye. the land of 10,000 lakes. >> so in conclusion, things are pretty dismal. >> you know what this room
Jan 23, 2013 5:30pm PST
us off from the pentagon. david? >> reporter: good evening, diane. this is a remarkable development, even though some will argue it is a long time in coming. it is a stunning turnaround. a unanimous vote by the country's top generals, which, the defense secretary will accept, to remove the ban on women serving in direct combat roles. >> they've proven themselves time and time again after the last 12 years. and finally, they're going to get the recognition, which is key. >> reporter: it will be the first fully integrated military in america's history. but without discernible front lines in the wars of the last decade, women did serve in combat roles in iraq and afghanistan. they've been donning flak jackets, heavy packs and ended up in the middle of fire fights. >> we were taking fire everywhere. i just remember hearing the pings of the bullets going by me and hitting the ground beside me. i shot one guy, saw him fall. >> reporter: leigh ann hester was the first woman since world war ii to receive the silver star. helicopter pilot tammy duckworth lost both of her legs in combat and i
Jan 30, 2013 5:30pm PST
gusts would reach up to 60 miles an hour. diane? >> thank you so much, steve. we'll be watching it through this stormy night. >>> and now, we turn to another developing story tonight. word of a bold strike by america's biggest ally in the middle east, israel. an air attack across the syrian border. everyone waiting for what happens next. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz, tracking it for us tonight. martha? >> reporter: diane, this is a very significant move and was clearly a red line for israel. this is what we know. officials say truckloads of dangerous weapons were being loaded from a facility in syria and then were headed for lebanon. officials say inside those trucks were fa-17s. those are very capable, mobile radar-guided surface to air missiles. israeli war planes were launched to destroy the trucks and stop them from entering lebanon before the militant group hezbollah could get their hands on them. the building where the trucks were loading or departing was also hit. hezbollah is a sworn enemy of israel. if hezbollah had gotten those missiles, it w
Jan 21, 2013 6:00am PST
. kate betts, thanks so much. >>> and we'll be right back. >>> look at those crowds forming. diane sawyer is joining george in a few moments for complete coverage of president obama's second inauguration on this martin luther king jr. day. we will be on the air covering all of it throughout the day, live, on abc news and online at on yahoo! stay with us. george and diane and our entire abc news inauguration team will be right back. >> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i amer young thomas. san francisco police are searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting in crocker amazon neighborhood just after midnight. a 43-year-old man was killed and a 34-year-old man is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the suspect is describe the at white or hispanic male with dark clothing who ran away. this is the third homicide in san francisco of the year. the san francisco 49ers are back in the bay area this morning after winning the nfc championship in atlanta. they arrived on a chartered delta flight at san jose international airport after 11:00 last night in ti
Jan 3, 2013 4:00am PST
lie ahead on the hill. diane swonk, chief economist at mesirow financial, is on the line with us this morning. good morning "good morning" do you think congress is merely kicking the can down the road? "absolutely. what we saw was we averted going off the cliff and going into recession. that's the good news. the bad news is we only bought ourselves 2 months. we have mandated spending cuts that are postponed only for 2 months and yet another debt ceiling potential showdown as well, which could result if done poorly in another downgrade of u.s. debt, and could have a spill-over effect on everything from pension funds to the ability of state and local govenrments raise money." diane, what will this mean for money managers? "the bottom line is it's a relief for the moment, but we need to have a road map. i think we are at a real fork in the road. if we do this right, if we get a fiscal policy and solution to our solvency, we will actually have a stronger year more to have fundamental healing in this economy than we have seen since the beginning of the recession." that's diane swonk o
Jan 3, 2013 11:35pm EST
are sworn in today and they tell diane sawyer how they're planning to make history in an abc exclusive. >>> from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden, and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," january 3rd, 2013. >>> good evening. i'm bill weir. and it is the dream of countless american families. a knock on the door from a big-time college football scout and a spot on a team that fills coliseums on saturday. but tonight comes a revelation from a former star about the pain and pressure that exists inside the nation's football factories and the injectable risks some young men take in order to stay on the field. abc news's chief investigative correspondent brian ross brings us this "nightline investigates." >> reporter: game day at usc in los angeles. part of the huge college sports industry. with lucrative tv contracts, millionaire coaches and avid fans all dependent on their star players giving everything on the field, even when hurt. >> there's really no other option because i want to play, they wanted me to play, they needed me to play. >> rep
Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
stressful, wasn't it, diane? the 49ers have never lost in a super bowl, 5-0. now they will get a chance to put that perfect record on the line, 4ers coming back from a 17-point deficit to punch their ticket to super bowl xlvii. colin kaepernick leading the 49ers but it was matt ryan who stole the show early. it was all atlanta. second quarter will start. 10-0 atlanta already making 17-0 after this. ryan to julio jones, 20-yard score. got both of his feet down somehow. the 49ers never quit. fourth quarter. down three but not anymore. frank gore, nine-yard touchdown, untouched. last chance for the falcons. fourth and four. knocking it away. 49ers win. they're going to the super bowl. mindy bach is in atlanta with more. >> reporter: this win is unlike any other for the 49ers this season. 17-point deficit they over came is their largest comeback by far of the year. and san francisco broke a five-game losing streak on the road during the playoffs. and it all means they're going to their sixth super bowl in the city of new orleans. >> it does validate our team. you know, winning this -- winni
Jan 21, 2013 6:30am PST
of festivities will be during the parade, george and diane. look over here. i couldn't help but notice this gentleman. he has his blanket on his lap, his paper. this guy has the best seat in washington right now. you knew what to bring. >> thank you. we tried it out four years ago. and it was much rougher then. this year, we came prepared. >> the only thing you left was starbucks. i asked you for one earlier. one thing i wanted to show you, diane and george, was over here. this family was all gathered. you had your ipads and your i d ipods out earlier. you were on your electronics. and one thing i want to mention for the folks at home, there's security everywhere. but one thing they did this year, was to put extra towers all along the national mall here because they are determined not to have communications crash. obviously, you need that, if something were to, god forbid, to go wrong. with new technology, so many trying to capture and record the moment. and we'll be right here, in the shadow of that president, as he steps out to usher in his second term. >> and in this modern age, th
Jan 22, 2013 5:30pm PST
evening, diane. in central park, where it's 19 degrees here, and that windchill is right around 6 degrees. but this isn't the only cold place in the country. eastern third of the country's got chilly temperatures all the way from the great lakes to florida overnight tonight. we've been lucky with milder temperatures in the past few winters, but tonight, this is the real deal. say hello to polar air. to even the most winter aware, this arctic chill is for real. >> nothing you can do to stay warm here. >> i feel cold, yeah. >> very cold. >> reporter: from minnesota to florida, more than a dozen states have winter weather advisories, with major cities in the midwest, either near or below zero on tuesday. and that windchill? 50 below zero in maine to 10 below in north carolina. from the midwest to the northeast, it's the coldest air in two years. and for most of the country, it's a sudden and drastic change. in cedar rapids, iowa, a balmy 51 degrees saturday. less than 48 hours later, it was 2 degrees below zero. a temperature swing of more than 53 degrees. >> the wind is just ripping. makes
Jan 31, 2013 6:30pm EST
hour in connecticut, taking down power lines and trees. diane, i wanted to go back to that image inside the detroit whiteout today. now, if this happens, the recommendation is to gradually slow down, turn on your flashers and if you can get off the highway, do so. diane? >> again, you have to act fast. thank you so much, ginger zee reporting in tonight. >>> and now, in washington today, one man entered the arena. chuck hagel, the purple heart recipient from the vietnam war, the former senator, nominated to be secretary of defense. his former colleagues met him with a fuselage of critical questions today, and abc's chief washington correspondent jonathan karl takes us about the fiery day. >> reporter: he's a vietnam veteran and former republican senator, but today chick hagel found himself and his judgment under attack by a fellow republican and vietnam vet. >> were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be -- >> the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country -- >> since vietnam. were you correct or incorrect? >> well, i'm not going to give you a yes or no
Jan 16, 2013 6:00pm PST
? >> reporter: hi there, diane. you don't have to be a parent to know the horror this family went through. the mother just spent the last couple of hours here at san jose pd headquarters working with a sketch artist. this is what she came up with. this is the man who she said tried to wrestle her toddler out of her arms right in her own front yard. >> we are we're just a little shaken up and somebody tried to take our 2-year-old daughter and trying to feel safe in a neighborhood we know all our neighbors and something like this happens. it kind of shakes everybody up. >> reporter: yesterday this mother was with her two little girls in the front yard of her home on dayo court when a man, a stranger, approached her and the children. her gut told her something was not right. >> he was coming to me, how beautiful they were and the color of their hair and one thing led to the other and when he knelt down he grabbed my daughter by her feet, by her ankles and i kind of picked her up and as she fell back on me we were tugging at each other. her bottoms were falling off and eventually her boots fe
Jan 17, 2013 5:30pm PST
. martha? >> reporter: diane, this situation is very fluid, but reports we are getting tonight about the raid are very ominous. a u.s. official telling me tonight there were ten americans at the field, five are safe. but the fate of the other five, we do not know. what is clear tonight is that this is far from over. with algerian forces now surrounding the complex, the british prime minister is warning that this raid could end in even more bloodshed. >> it is a very dangerous, very uncertain, a very fluid situation and i think we have to prepare ourselves for the possibility of bad news ahead. >> reporter: the worst, coming after the algerian military moved in with helicopters, reportedly fearing the hostage takers were going to escape. the terror group was holed up in the natural gas plant along with their hostages, the americans and other workers from britain, france, japan and norway. some reportedly forced to wear explosives around their necks. tonight, algeria is saying the raid left not only some of the militants dead, but some of the hostages, as well. but it is not clear how
Jan 18, 2013 5:30pm PST
? >> reporter: diane, we now know one american has been killed. the family has been notified as this bloody assault intensifies. algerian forces moving in, trying to end this stand-off with the terror group once and for all. the assault tonight is a deadly mission. the gas plant has reportedly been ringed with explosives by the hostage takers, not to mention all that gas. it is a dangerous mix. images tonight on arab tv of the carnage. numbers are fluid. one report saying 12 hostages have been killed and more than a dozen of the terrorists. aside from the one american who was killed, a small number of other americans believed to be at the facility are unaccounted for. but american officials are sending a strong message. >> those who would wantonly attack our country and our people will have no place to hide. >> reporter: once militants stormed the complex, they smashed down the doors of the residential building, in a hunt for americans and other foreigners. another witness described to the "new york times" terrorists shooting a european in the back while other hostages watched. stephen mcfa
Jan 29, 2013 5:30pm PST
? >> reporter: big questions tonight, diane. and the real estate experts i talked to today said, if the value of your home is completely recovered from the recession, then it might be a great time to sell. there just isn't a lot on the market, so, a seller's dream. but even if you are not going to sell, economists say these housing numbers tonight are good news for you, too. this spike in home prices unthinkable just two years ago. economists who study prices across 20 american cities tonight revealing they see the biggest increase year to year in more than six years. home values up 5.5%. barbara corcoran founded the largest real estate company in new york. >> we haven't seen this in probably seven years. >> reporter: so, what has buyers lining up? in some cases, outbidding one another? those historically low interest rates, still at lows not seen since the early 1970s. >> hi, abc. >> hi, david. >> reporter: we first met this family in ann arbor, michigan, when they bought their new home. the reason they went for it? not surprising. >> the mortgage rates are so low, it was just the best time.
Jan 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
to be getting louder, despite the best efforts of the white house. diane? >> all right, thank you so much, martha. and as you know, the president's other big pick today was for the man he wants to lead the cia. his white house terrorism adviser, john brennan, whose work ethic is legend. in fact, the president hailed him for standing watch over the nation and teased him about it. >> it was in the summer, august, he's in full suit and tie. and one of the reporters asked him, "don't you ever get any down time?" and john said, "i don't do down time." he's not even smiling now. >> and there's one more note from washington. secretary of state hillary clinton returned to work today, after her hospitalization for a blood clot near her brain. and before that, of course, for falling and suffering a concussion. well, today, her staff greeted her with a standing ovation and a funny gift. look. a football helmet with the state department seal. and a jersey with the number 112, that's how many countries she has visited. the most traveled secretary of state in history. >>> and a big settlement was reach
Jan 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
held this week at the white house with vice president biden. that's a big deal, diane. we have never seen the nra at the white house, the obama white house. >> and how soon could we see something actually take place? >> reporter: well, they are saying that they will have recommendations from the vice president within three or four weeks, maybe even earlier. and, diane, they may act, well before congress gets around. the president can act by executive order on some things, including what you heard mark kelly talking about, the issue of background checks and streamlining those background checks. not going as far as he wants to go, but improving the process. >> all right, jon karl in new york, and thank you so much for bringing us up to date. >>> and now, we turn to aurora, colorado, and that other american town marked by a mass shooting, that time, in a movie theater. today, we learned the stunning story behind these pictures we saw at the time. law enforcement entering the booby trapped apartment of the alleged gunman, james holmes. fbi agents have testified today that holmes had home
Jan 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
by bouncing back. >> reporter: and diane, you mentioned congresswoman gabby giffords planned private visit with families here tomorrow. well, just yesterday, she was in new york city, meeting with mayor mike bloomberg and talking, not surprisingly, about gun control. diane? >> amy robach reporting in tonight. thank you so much, amy. >>> and now we head overseas, because there is word tonight that the fight against the enemy in afghanistan has claimed a victory. u.s. officials confirming a powerful mastermind of attacks on u.s. forces has been killed by a drone strike. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz with those details. >> reporter: we here at home go on with our lives, off to work, to school. some 7,000 miles away in pakistan, a secret war is being waged from the sky. and last night, the u.s. scored a major victory in that war. a drone strike killing a man named maulvi nazir, who had been sending fighters to attack our troops in afghanistan. this is the first drone strike of 2013. more than 350 have been launched since 2004. >> a large number of their top leadership
Jan 24, 2013 6:30pm EST
is. martha? >> reporter: diane, the u.s. is warning north korea not to try another nuclear test, saying it would be a mistake and needlessly provocative. but those warnings seem only to have provoked the new, young leader even more. if there was any hope that kim jong-un would be less threatening and dangerous than his late father, those hopes are now dashed. the 20-something leader appears to relish his new role, now directly challenging the united states. the reclusive nation warning the world that it will soon test a nuclear weapon, long range rockets, one after another. today, vowing that the target of its missiles and nuclear aggression, america. their sworn enemy. >> he's trying to show he can't be pushed around. >> reporter: tonight, deep inside the isolated nation, there are signs that a nuclear test is being readied. north korea first tested a nuclear bomb in 2006. diane sawyer was inside north korea days after that test, the only western journalist meeting with the north's nuclear negotiators, who asserted their country's right to test. now, it's believed the secretive
Jan 26, 2013 5:00pm PST
is starting to boom again. can you guess why? there's some hints there. >>> good evening, i'm diane dwyer. in washington and cities across the country, people rallied for new gun control laws. the march on the nation's capitol was modest for such a view. >> they marched to send a message about gun violence. about 100 parents from newtown connecticut, the scene of last month's deadly elementary school attack. >> i feel hopeful, cautiously optimistic, i hope this is start of a bigger movement to keep not only our children safe but the citizens. >> it was one of several organized in cities across the united states, from san francisco to new jersey. >> i hope that the power of regular people will actually assert itself, in contrast to lobbying power of the nra. >> they say they're gearing up for an all out battle, insisting gun bans make no one safer. vice president biden is spearheading public push for new gun legislation that will strengthen background checks, limit high capacity ammunition magazines and get assault weapons off the streets. >> this is about action. no more talk. if not now,
Jan 26, 2013 11:00pm PST
'm diane dwyer. menlo park police are investigating that shooting that injured a mother and mer 2-year-old son right across the street from facebook headquarters. the people inside two cars got into a fight at a stoplight and shots were fired. kimberly terry is in east palo alto are where the victims fled. >> diane, the shooting happened about 2 1/2 miles away from here but in an attempt to escape the gunfire, the driver of the car carrying the two victims came here to east pal totality toe and was able to get into the mcdonald's parking lot on university and bay. police say of the five people found inside the car here, two were shot. a 21-year-old woman and her 2-year-old son sitting on her lap when the incident occurred. both were hit in the legs and a bullet grazed the child's head. the two were taken to the hospital where they are in stable condition and expected to be okay. the shooting happened about 7:45 this evening at the intersection of bay front and willow in menlo park. >> there was an altercation here on willow road. and when they came up to the intersection, the passenger
Jan 3, 2013 11:35pm PST
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Jan 9, 2013 12:35am PST
to diane sawyer about their emotional journey to the scene of the tragic school shooting. >>> from the global resources of abc news, this is "nightline" with cynthia mcfadden in new york city. >> and good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight, living outside the law. it may surprise you to learn there are a growing number of americans living right here in the united states who insist that federal laws do not apply to them. including the 22-year-old who showed abc's dan harris the radical lengths he's willing to go to to fend off uncle sam. >> i'm going to go in and speak with the prosecutor. >> reporter: it's 8:20 on a monday morning at the county courthouse in idaho, and the 21-year-old operating this video camera is trying to bring it into the courtroom where he's contesting a minor ticket. >> i don't know what the held law book you're reading, man, but it doesn't apply to me. >> reporter: watch what happens next. i'm going in. >> no, you're not going in. >> don't touch me. >> you're not going in, sir. >> let the record show that you just battered me and -- >> step back. >> you'
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Jan 9, 2013 12:00am PST
here with diane macedo. weekdays on fox business network. and he is funnier than a keebler elf. his latest cd is one of many and comes out january 22nd. it is called lateral thinking poz leers. that rolls off the tongue. that will sell dozens. and in kentucky he is considered a banjo. it is bill schulz. and if thoughtful commentary was the ski jump i would watch men do him once every four years. john gibson, host of the radio program "the john gibson show". and he is the annoying slew with the -- shrer with the world view. >> today in health dr. perry klass writes how pediatricians need to pay more attention to boys reproductive developments. and note, i said pediatricians. you are to stay as far away as the young man as the court order specifies by gum. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> it has been guns ad nauseum. the white house is gathering ideas for a big plan to cut gun violence with vice president biden planning to meet with groups on both sides of the issue including folks from the entertainment industry. i hope that includes ted nugent. and president obama is
Jan 22, 2013 3:00pm PST
. and diane dursis. the owner of the only mississippi abortion clinic which is fighting to keep its doors open after restrictive abortion law passed. thank you both for joining me. congresswoman speier, it's a big day. big anniversary. big strides have been made. let's put this graphic up again. five states only have one abortion clinic left. it's a protected right. what's going on in these states though? >> well, there's been a systemic effort by the anti-choice community to go into the states and get laws passed to restrict access to abortion. last year and the year before were the worst two years in terms of the more restrictions that were placed on abortion opportunities for women. 135 laws were passed in over 30 states restricting a woman's right to choose. >> now, diane, when we talk about mississippi, we see that a lot of states and governors are really leading the charge. let me show you how some of the governors around the country are talking about women's right to choose and bors rights. watch this. >> to be clear, my goal and the goal of many of those joining me here today is to mak
Jan 12, 2013 6:00pm PST
daytime plans in just a few minutes. diane? >> thank you, rob. >>> we now know the identity of the man whose body was found in a petaluma recycling center. employees at the novato disposal service made the startling discovery while sifting through trash yesterday afternoon. investigators say 30-year-old louis gomez diaz was a known transient in the area. while they don't believe he was killed, the death is classified as suspicious and remains under investigation. >>> friends and family of three people who were killed in a fire in san jose brought out their own buckets and hoses today. they held a car wash to raise funds for the maldonados and their daughter. the three were killed when fire swept through their second floor apartment. those who were close to the victims hope to raise enough for the funeral costs and help the rest of the family start over. >> as much as we can, just enough to hopefully pay for the funerals and everything. other sorts of accessories and stuff because like i said, they lost everything in their house, everything. all valuables, everything. >> they plan to ho
Jan 16, 2013 5:30pm PST
: good evening, diane, from rome, where secretary of defense leon panetta is urgently trying to get more information about this attack on americans and others. three americans are believed to be held hostage right now, but u.s. officials warn that number is fluid. secretary panetta tonight says the u.s. will take all necessary steps to deal with this crisis. >> by all indications, this is a terrorist act. and the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. it is a very serious matter when americans are taken hostage along with others. >> reporter: it all began when 20 armed islamic militants, believed to be affiliated with al qaeda, approached a group of oil workers. the attackers were reportedly heavily armed, driving in three unmarked vehicles. the oil workers were on a bus headed to a nearby airport. there was a fight -- security forces for the workers battled back. when the smoke cleared, at least one foreign worker was dead, others wounded. the terrorists then headed to the compound where the gas refinery workers live. while it is unclear how many foreign workers
Jan 21, 2013 5:30pm PST
was there at the capitol watching history on parade this morning. we begin you with, david. >> reporter: diane, good evening. you're right. we were just a few steps away from the president, with his hand placed on those two bibles. authorities here in washington were estimating 600,000 to 800,000 people would turn out to the national mall to watch this swearing in. but tonight, we just learned from the inaugural committee, just like four years ago, that crowd might have surpassed a million. at the white house, a salute to the president, who was about to be sworn in before the nation. first, that 1.7-mile trip to the capitol. ahead of the president, on the west front of the capitol, a former president and the secretary of state. cheers on the national mall for the clintons, mrs. clinton looking better after that fall. and before their father arrived, the president's growing girls, sasha and malia, 11 and 14, wearing j.crew and kate spade, and growing up before a nation. then, their mother, first lady michelle obama. >> mrs. michelle obama. >> reporter: to thunderous applause, ushering in a new term a
Jan 28, 2013 5:30pm PST
finally be ending. david? >> reporter: in fact, diane, tonight, a spokesman for the boy scouts of america confirming to abc news, they are close to ending the ban on gays, skoufts and leaders, meeting early next week, they could very well ban all national poll sill regarding sexual orientation. for more than 100 years, the boy scouts of america have been shaping young minds. but tonight, proof some of those young minds are now shaping the very leaders at the top. the boy scouts of america could soon lift the ban on gay scout leaders and gay scouts themselves. it would affect scouts like ryan andresen, from california, who started as a cub scout at 6. earning all 21 merit badges in his life long dream of becoming an eagle scout. but after those 21 badges were earned, the answer was no. >> you completed everything, you've done everything you're supposed to do, but they're saying they won't give it to. >> yeah, just because i'm gave. >> and your mom started a petition. >> yes. >> i love mothers like that. is your mother in the audience? good for you. >> reporter: his mom and his dad starting
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